Calgary Activities

During the classroom portion of the class, before we leave on our trip, you will participate in lectures, presentations and local activities.  This will give you a chance to get to know your classmates and professors and will provide you with the background knowledge necessary for the travel portion of the class.

classroom picture

Professors Liam Haggarty and Jennifer Pettit

You will learn about traditional ceremonies such as a smudging ceremony, led by MRU’s Medicine Trail Advisor.

We will also travel to a number of local sites such as Heritage Park where you can hear interpreters such as Clarence Wolfleg Jr. teach about traditional drumming and singing in Siksika culture, and learn what happened at a fur trade post.

trade postclarence

You will also participate in activities such as learning about how to raise a tipi.

heritage inside tipi

At the Glenbow Museum we’ll explore the Blackfoot exhibit.

glenbowglenblow exhibit

We’ll also visit places such as the Nakoda nation.

unnamed (6)


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